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11/29/2020 - Laddio Bolocko's - The Life and Times of Laddio Bolocko. Its post rock but cool.

8/6/2020 - listening to sunn o)))'s pyroclasts from 2019, but when it came out i was expecting life metal part 2, this is more of a improvisational one note drone to life metals evolving experimentation, never the less; its a really solid release from them and i really dig it so id give it like a 7/10. also got a pretty dope minimoog clone from behringer. shits dope.

8/4/2020 - today i relistened to london calling for the like 4th time ive really been just listining to this, but like wow this was 1979. Holy shit. thats all i wanted to say, what a neat album

7/30/2020 - yesterday, i picked up two albums at a half priced books in beavercreek ohio, didnt crate dig much just got some classics i didn't already have, i got myself a crusty but fine copy of the 1972 soundtrack to the movie superfly (which first of all, the movie isnt even a good blaxplotation film, theres much better ones like shaft or sweet sweetback's baadasssss song... well nevermind its probably gonna be top 5; but even still could be goofier for the genre) that being said the soundtrack absolutley rips and overshadows the film by a long shot, its just 40 minutes of pure funk and soul, with these ripping trumpets, and percussion that just keeps chugging along, all fronted with curtis singing in the chillest way about about coke and shit, really cant go wrong if this is your favorite funk album. the other album i got was a 180 gram repress of ornette colemans double quartet free jazz, which im sure like everyone fucking knows. its tttthhhheee free jazz album, i mean you can fuck around and go "hur dur its free jazz its spooky and hard to pay attention to," and i mean i was like that for the first year i knew the album and really just pushed it away like say captain beefheart or merzbow. I mean seriously if you pay attention and get to that second side and 7 minutes into side B, its orgasmic, the two bass solos holy shit. probably the best bass solos in the history of music for real, i mean the only real ways to listen to this is just by tuning it out or giving it your full attention, and thats probably the best part about this release. - Fred Grof

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